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best GUCCI Luxury Backpack #1994480

Fashion is a highly visual industry, which explains why Instagram is the social network of choice for lovers of style. But there is far more fashion content online than what people share on social media. It has always been a strong niche for blogging.

There are many quality fashion blogs, which unsurprisingly feature best GUCCI Luxury Backpack #1994480 high-quality photographs of the latest fashion innovations. Most fashion blogs are full of inspiration for those mornings you open your wardrobe door with your mind in a blank. They make an ideal place to begin your online research into what’s hot this year before you head off to purchase your own outfits. They can also provide you with ideas about what you can mix and match to create that perfect look.

The successful online fashion bloggers are as much influencers as the big names cheap gucci uk sale who post fashion images on Instagram. Indeed, most of these fashion bloggers have an active Instagram presence as well.
Atlantic-Pacific’s creator, Blair Eadie can be considered a real fashion influencer. She started as a Gap Inc merchandiser 11 years ago and has been part of the fashion world ever since. She has built up a substantial social media following, including over 1.1 million Instagram followers.

Blair recognized how street style was shaping fashion and created Atlantic-Pacific in 2010 to help develop the conversation. Since then she has noticed the industry reshape from the inside out.

She has worked as an influencer with many brands, including CoverGirl, cheap Gucci , Nordstrom, Target, Tory Burch, Sephora, and many more. She has also collaborated on global campaigns with luxury brands such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Who What Wear, Refinery 29, Style Watch, and more.
Yesterday when I was in the center of Geneva, my mother kindly bought me a beautiful replica Gucci bag that I have wanted for ages, it is from the GG Marmont collection!! It’s bright pink and gold and is pretty small. I am obsessed with how it’s a different pink to what I’m used to and that it is the perfect size to hold all my essentials. I can’t wait for you all to see me use it in the future, especially for the perfect Gucci fashion show next week!!!! XXX

Summer means trips of all shapes and sizes—from beach house weekends to month-long jaunts across Asia—and all trips require a roomy, pocket-laden backpack. GQ’s Best Stuff handpicked a dozen that are primed and ready for life on the road.

How essential is having the right travel backpack? Look at this way: of all the forms of luggage, backpacks are the only one with their own widely-used verb. You don’t go carry-on-ing or trunking or duffeling. You go backpacking. And while you’re probably a little ways past your hostels-and-behemoth-backpacks phase, a less cumbersome version will still be indispensable wherever the summer takes you.

The chief distinctions between an office backpack and a travel backpack are twofold: size and pockets. The ideal travel pack has at least enough space to hold an extra pair of shoes and a change of clothes for a weekend away, and it should have plenty of compartments inside and out to keep your passport, phone and whatever else you carry all secure and organized. Oh, yeah, and it needs to look damn good, too, since unlike your checked luggage, it’ll likely stay on your person everywhere you go. We did the hard work for you and road-tested a whole bunch of the coolest, most convenient backpacks for beach vacations, business trips, and everything in between. Go forth and conquer, fam.

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