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buy GUCCI Luxury handbags #1830172

More often than not, in the Spring and Summer months, crossbody handbags are my go to! They’re just so easy to throw on when you’re heading out to hang with friends. You still have full use of your hands. Since it hangs in front of you, I find them to be a more secure purse option, allowing you to keep an eye on it and your belongings much more easily than other handbags. I also like that they’re typically very lightweight.

Last year, I purchased the replica Gucci GG Marmont Mini Matelasse Leather cheap Gucci Crossbody and the Gucci Soho Leather Disco Bag. I enjoyed both of these bags but found one to be a little more practical and a purchase I’d make again over the other. With Spring coming up around the corner, it made me wonder about other sought after designer crossbody handbags and which ones were really worth the investment. Obviously, my opinion will never be able to speak for everyone but I do love cheap gucci uk sale testing out these products and sharing my thoughts with you guys about them. I often receive questions about designer purchases and my opinions so I thought a post about designer crossbody handbags could be useful to any of you who have seen some of these bags on blogs or on Pinterest and had potentially been tempted to add one to your collection.

My most recent designer handbag purchases have been through a website that you might not have heard of. It’s called They’re an online retailer based in Germany but offer the same perks for shopping their website as you would if you shopped on an American online retailer. They offer free 2-day shipping and free returns. They have a wide buy GUCCI Luxury handbags #1830172 assortment of brands and products on their website. I literally fall down a rabbit hole when I’m on there perusing because they have so many great things! I found it through an extensive online search for a designer card case last year. I wanted it in a particular color and I couldn’t find it anywhere except for They often still have in stock items that have sold out on retailers over here and I think it’s because the market is so different in Germany, and in Europe, in general. Their market doesn’t like or buy a lot of the items we do here in America, so you can likely find ‘hot’ items on there without any problems with stock!

With all of that said, I am featuring five designer cross body handbags today, all of which are available on I’m giving you measurements, the pro’s & con’s and my overall recommendation for each one! There is one that I would NOT buy again. There are two that I am obsessed with and wear all the time. Then, there is one that I love but could replica Gucci live without, if you will. So, enjoy! I hope this is helpful for some but fun to read for everyone! 🙂

Also, don’t be shy! Send this article to anyone you know that might be needing some insight into one of these handbags! I think it’s so important to not go into buying designer items lightly. It’s a big purchase and you MUST go into it curious and inquisitive at first and well-informed when you hand your credit card over!
Chloé always does an exceptional job on quality and style. I absolutely love this handbag and love that it’s lightweight. If you’re tempted to purchase this bag, I’d recommend you really think about whether the space it offers is enough for you. I want to say it’s an impractical purchase, however, I think this bag WOULD actually be the perfect choice for a low maintenance girl who doesn’t carry a lot with her on any given day, especially in the Spring and Summer months. For me? I’m not sure I love it. I think I need a little more space in my handbag but, hey, to each their own. has so many color options so do let me know if you opt for this bag and which color you get!